Daft Punk’s 4th Album Officially Registered

Posted March 18, 2013 Author: Spud in Disguise More:

The news broke on Twitter this morning that Columbia Records have officially licensed 13 new tracks by Daft Punk. Here’s the screenshot from the PPL database confirming it:

Screenshot showing results for a 'Daft Punk' artist search

Screenshot showing results for a ‘Daft Punk’ artist search

Aside from confirming what most Daft Punk fans already believed, this does give us a tantalizing view of the next album. With new information being released more frequently than ever before fans are starting to build up quite a picture of the album.

This registration means that the new tracks are in a complete state (mixed and mastered) and ready for release. So an official announcement must surely be just around the corner now, right?

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