Daft Punk Complete Remixes Collection Announced

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Upcoming in June, Japan will see what appears to be one of the most complete collections of Daft Punk remixes to-date.

The release will combine the two prior remix compilations Daft Club and the Japan-only Human After All Remixes collections for a massive remix re-release. Even in standard, non-Kubrick-toy-accompanied form, the Human After All Remixes collection has become rare these days, so this re-release presents a good opportunity to get a hold of these remixes.

Not only do we see these two compilations re-released together, but we’ll also see two tracks from very early in Daft Punk’s career see their first, non-single releases. Their very first song “The New Wave” as well as another early track “Beta Wax” will also be included in this release. This year marks the 20th anniversary for “The New Wave,” so it is in excellent timing.

Below is the translated description from source CDJapan:

Daft Punk Complete Remixes Collection

There’s no mistaking it’s been the year of Daft Punk!

This is the remix treasure trove from Grammy Award-winning Daft Punk. Contains the first remix collection, Daft Club (first released in 2003), and the Japan-only second collection, Human After All HUMAN AFTER ALL ~Back to Basics~ -REMIXES-. The songs of these two remix compilations are combined with songs never before released in Japan to make the most complete release thus far. Their debut, “The New Wave,” and “Beta Wax” (by Daft Punk and DJ Kevin) will also be included in this compilation. 2006’s Japan-only remix compilation, Human After All HUMAN AFTER ALL ~Back to Basics~ -REMIXES- is now a rare item! With this two-CD compilation, you can own all of Daft Punk’s remixes!

The compilation is out June 18th, and will retail at 2980 yen.