Advertise Your Music on The Daft Club

If you’re a DJ or producer looking to show off your music the Daft Club is the perfect place to reach thousands of electronic and EDM music fans.

What We’re Offering

You’ll get a slot in our ‘Music You May Like’ block in the right hand column of all forum pages. You can supply us with your image, banner or text and we’ll host it ourselves and display it. You will be in a bank of other adverts that are all displayed at random. There will only ever be a maximum of 10 ads in the bank though, to keep it fair. You can buy more than one slot at a time though if you want to increase your coverage (this will depend on availability).


Let’s keep it simple. It’s $1.50 a day. The money goes towards the maintenance costs of the site, and is very much appreciated. You choose how many days you want to display your advert for, there’s no maximum or minimum. It must be a full day though, no half days. Payments in other currencies are happily accepted and will be converted as per the conversion rate on the day everything is setup.


At present the Daft Club forum averages 65,000 pageviews per week, and with excitement over the new album and possible tour this number is increasing. While your ad is running we can provide a weekly update on how many times your advert was seen and clicked. We will also give you these details when your time is up (so even if you advertise for 1 day we’ll let you know how well it went).


Your ad can be a maximum of 194px wide by 194px tall. That doesn’t mean it has to be as big as that, or a square shape, you can have any dimensions as long as they don’t exceed those maximums. For text only adverts we will work with you to get the best positioning and look before putting the advert live.

Place Your Ad

To place an advert please contact – If you have any questions this is also the email address to use.