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    Daft Punk / Steve Angello Bass style

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    Hey guys!!
    Pls i need a help!

    Im trying to make this bass style since a few days.
    I think this is a french bass filtered with phaser and flanger.

    Can you help me with some tips/synths and tutorials pls?

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Daft Punk / Steve Angello Bass style

    You can get something similar to this using a basic saw waveform synth. Then some distortion to make it sharper and finally a low pass filter on it to take away the high end. Tweak it until it sounds good. You might need to EQ it a bit to bring out the sound you want. Side-chain the bass so it ducks for the beat. Then at 1:37 in the video he activates a phaser and also a high pass filter that is tweaked to make the sound thinner and thinner before going back to normal at 1:44. Hope that helps!

    Oh and by the way, I think this is the right section for questions like this:
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