Drive Played For First Time By Annie Mac

Posted September 16, 2011 Author: Admin

Daft Punk – Drive was just played for the first ever time by Annie Mac on her Radio 1 show.

Soma Records have now provided a preview of the track:
Daft Punk – Drive Unreleased 1994 (Preview) by soma

What do you think? Join in the discussion on The Daft Club Forum: Unreleased Daft Punk song “Drive”.

@ the beat is SICK, very old school, delicious! my ears are screaming cause they want more


o fervo é aqui

Look, I love Daft Punk, but maybe this “lost” track should have stayed that way… (HT @)


Jay Miner

New/Old Daft Punk track Drive is EPIC. I don’t use that lightly.


Sean Botha