New Resource for Fan Made Daft Punk Helmets

Posted March 21, 2012 Author: Spud in Disguise
Forum member Alexiares wearing a Guy Manuel helmet

Fan made Guy Manuel helmet worn by Alexiares

Let’s be honest, we all want one don’t we? Now, thanks to the Daft Club, owning your own Daft Punk helmet is a step closer! We’ve just launched a new section on our forum dedicated to fan made Daft Punk helmets. You can post details on your project, view tutorials, ask for help or just browse other people’s creations. Whether you are starting your first helmet or an experienced designer the community is an essential place to share ideas and find inspiration.

Take a look:
Daft Punk Helmets – Tutorials, Tips and your Helmets

Just launched, our Daft Punk Helmet Portal page.

Daft Punk Helmets For Sale

Although Daft Punk don’t have any official helmets for sale there are plenty out there to be had. Browse our list of fan made Daft Punk helmets for sale and own one today! Or if you can’t find one listed why not post a request.

Fan Made Showcase

If you want to see what’s already been made and gather inspiration for your own take a look at our fan made helmet showcase. Don’t forget to post your pictures up if you’ve already made one.

A Brief History of the Helmets

If you’d like to remind yourself what the originals look like we also have our visual history of Daft Punk’s helmets page available.