Tsugi Admit Renoma Street is a Hoax

Posted July 2, 2012 Author: Spud in Disguise More:
Fake Renoma Street Cover

Fake Renoma Street cover

Earlier this evening French magazine Tsugi admitted they made up the Daft Punk song Renoma Street. This ends vast speculation since they initially published the name as part of a compilation CD, supposedly being released with the next issue of the magazine.

The official release stated that the hoax was printed as a joke… “A pure creation, making fun of all the madness surrounding every (mainly false) news concerning the two robots.”

It’s a shame that reputable publications feel the need to cash in on the hype and make up stories to gain coverage.

Reaction has been fierce, but one thing is for sure – all these hoaxes are just bringing us one step closer to an actual release – we hope!

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