The Line Up for Daft Punk’s Fourth Album

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Unfortunately, we now know that “Renoma Street” was a hoax and we perhaps can’t expect anything on 21/7; but don’t fret! Remember, we still have an album on the horizon!

Here’s a quick run down of all the artists we can expect to be featured on the upcoming album:

Panda Bear:

Noah Benjamin Lennox is the founding member of Animal Collective, an experimental band consisting of four members. He released his fourth solo album “Tomboy” in April of last year. Rumours of his collaboration with Daft Punk began over a year ago as hinted by this article from


Paul Williams:

An Academy-Award winning composer, songwriter, musician and actor.

He is best-known for a number of songs performed by various artists in the 1970s. Williams briefly spoke about his work with Daft Punk in an interview two years ago. During a Q&A at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year he mentioned that he had written some lyrics for Daft Punk and had recorded some material that they could use. You can see the interview on Youtube.


Nile Rodgers:

An American composer, producer and guitarist. Together with bassist Bernard Edwards he formed the popular disco group Chic. Rodgers announced that he was working on a song with Daft Punk for their fourth album after they visited his apartment earlier this year according to an article from


Giorgio Moroder:

An Italian record producer, songwriter and performer.

He collaborated with Donna Summer in the 1970s on the tracks “Love to love you baby” and “I feel love” and is the founder of Musicland Studios who did recordings for some big names in popular music such as Electric Light Orchestra and Queen. Daft Punk asked him to enter a recording booth and speak about his life for one of their new songs which Moroder referred to as a “rap”. The article on mentions a number of microphones in the recording booth each to represent a different time in his life.


There have also been rumours of a collaboration with pianist Chilly Gonzales but there is little evidence surrounding this rumour.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about these artists’ involvement on the new album? Why not discuss it on our forums?