Check Out the Daftendirektour 1997 Remake by Daftfanatic2011

Posted July 17, 2012 Author: DaPunk

One very dedicated Daft Punk fan took the time to recreate the 1997 ‘Daftendirektour’ in its entirety. Daft Punk’s classic sounds from the Homework era can be heard throughout, featuring songs like ‘Musique,’ ‘Da Funk,’ ‘Rollin’ & Scratchin’,’ ‘Around the World’ and Giorgio Moroder’s ‘The Chase.’ The impressive amount of detail in this remake is all thanks to Daft Club user Daftfanatic2011.

The Daft Club talked with Daftfanatic2011 to get a little insight on how it was made. “The Daftendirektour was just experimenting. I had samples for each song and I decided to make something out of it,” he said. The project was completed in about a month.

“This whole thing is a concept to make up for those missing bootlegs from their tour, so you may hear some snippets from Rex Club, Hultsfred Festival, Borealis Festival, Tribal Gathering, and Even Further,” Daftfanatic2011 said, “[I] added my own take on the mix.”

The most interesting tidbit was how the remake was compiled. Daftfanatic2011 used movie making software Serif Movie Plus X3 and audio editor Audacity to arrange and mix the project. “You’d actually think I would make it in DJ Software or Abelton, but I didn’t,” he stated, “I had to use many audio tracks, and I had to make sure they were in sync with the beats and samples.” “It was hard, but it was worth the work.”

Listen to the mix


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If you are interested in hearing his other work, check out his Soundcloud page. And as for future projects, Daftfanatic had this to say, “I actually plan to release my own playlist of Daft Punk songs I remixed from all albums, including TRON, called The Daft Club Vol. 2.”