The IV Annual Daftie Awards votings are up!

Posted September 21, 2012 Author: daftnews

The IV Annual Daftie Awards are coming up, and the votes are ready to be received!

The Daftie Awards are an annual event that The Daft Club members present (and, in fact, created) in order to choose one of this best members (and it’s signature, username, avatar and profile¬†picture, more listed below) of the past few months.

The rules are:

  • You can vote in any category you wish (mentioned below).
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • You can vote for a member more than once.
The principal categories are:
  • The Daft Club King
  • The Daft Club Queen
  • The Daft Club Prince
  • The Daft Club Princess

Other categories:

  • All time The Daft Club member award.
  • Best The Daft Club musician.
  • Best username.
  • Best avatar (previous or current avatar).
  • Best signature (previous or current signature).
  • Best thread.
  • More here.
To send your vote, send a personal message to the username Something Awesome.
More information or question, visit the thread.