Chilly Gonzales Reveals Possible Release Date for 4th Album

Posted September 30, 2012 Author: DaPunk More:

Chilly Gonzales

A little more than a year ago pianist Chilly Gonzales spoke with Sortir à Paris about his collaboration with Daft Punk on their next project, but not much else was said. More recently, Field Day Radio interviewed Gonzales, where he further confirmed his work with them. “It was a one day session,” he said, “I played for hours and they’re going to grab what they are going to grab and turn it into whatever.” Gonzales then went on to reveal an important piece of information about the album: “It’s going to come out next spring.”

It should be noted that the spring 2013 time-frame also correlates to the fan theories. All of Daft Punk’s previous studio albums have been released in the month of March (the only exception to this being Homework). While Gonzales’ information may be concrete, he does not speak for Daft Punk… The Daft Club waits for an official word from the duo.

Chilly Gonzales has worked with Daft Punk before. He covered Too Long, reworked Rollin’ & Scratchin’, and performed with Thomas live.

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