Will Daft Punk score Tron 3?

Posted December 20, 2012 Author: DaPunk More:

Joseph Kosinski

Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron: Legacy, talked with Collider this past Friday about recent happenings with the next movie in the Tron series. Among the many topics he covered regarding the movie, one of them included the soundtrack. “When it comes to building the team up for the soundtrack [Daft Punk] would absolutely be my first call,” Kosinski said. He continued on saying the duo would make the soundtrack only if they were able put their entire effort forward. Of course, their upcoming album and possible tour could interfere with that, which is something Kosinski also mentioned.

Another interesting piece of information the director stated was the fact that not all of the score was used in Legacy. “[T]here are a lot of tracks that they have created that I still have that I wasn’t able to fit in Tron: Legacy. So we’ve already got a head start on some great tracks for the future,” Kosinski said. Furthermore, Kosinski said the soundtrack is certified gold due to high sales, and he also received a gold record because of that. If Daft Punk isn’t willing to make another soundtrack, the question of which artist to replace them still remains.

Joseph Koninski is currently working on his new film Oblivion, with another French act, M83, scoring it.