New Daft Punk Music Video: Instant Crush

Posted December 7, 2013 Author: DaPunk More:

The music video for Daft Punk’s latest single, Instant Crush, from the album Random Access Memories has been released their YouTube channel.

The video is reportedly the most expansive produced for the album and it prominently features Julian Casablancas, who sings on the track. Scenes of Casablancas singing on a platform are intercut with scenes of him as a wax figure, dressed as a soldier, who falls in love with another wax figure in a museum display across from his own.

The video was previewed yesterday on the French news channel BFM TV. Rumors and hints of the video were posted on various social networking sites, including a Tumblr post from Alterian inc. The special effects company were involved in the making of this video and with past Daft Punk projects, such as Electroma and the Technologic video.

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