Daft Punk at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, 2014

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One of Daft Punk’s most historic nights has come to a close. In case you missed it here’s what happened at last nights the Grammys.

The Awards

Human After All - Daft Punk showing their emotions at winning Album of the Year

Human After All – Daft Punk showing their emotions at winning Album of the Year

Daft Punk swept the awards, winning everything they were nominated for.

In the pre-show, streamed on the Grammy’s website, Daft Punk were awarded Best Engineered Album, Non-classical and Best Dance/Electronic Album for Random Access Memories.

Later, during the televised show they were awarded Best Pop-duo/Group Performance and Record of the Year forĀ Get Lucky. They were also awarded Album of the Year for Random Access Memories.

As Daft Punk were unable to speak, Pharrell Williams helped them out with the acceptance speech for 2 Get Lucky awards. “Of course they [the robots] want to thank their families,” Pharrell said with laughs from the audience, the duo and Nile Rodgers. “France is really proud of these guys right now,” he added during the Record of the Year acceptance. Pharrell also thanked fellow nominees and Nile Rodgers.

An emotional hug between Thomas and Guy-Manuel has quickly become an iconic moment of the Grammy’s 2014. Seen below the pair were over-joyed at winning album of the year and went on to join many of the collaborators on stage to collect the award. This time Paul Williams spoke on the duo’s behalf. “We are Random Access Memories, some of us more random than others,” Paul Williams said, “this is a labor of love, we are all so grateful.” Williams ended the speech by thanking the Academy, and Thomas and Guy-Man.

The Performance

Earlier in the evening Daft Punk nearly stopped the show with their first telelvised performance in six years. Random Access Memories studio musicians, along with Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Stevie Wonder performed Daft Punk’s hit Get Lucky in a set dressed up to look like a recording studio. Pharrell and Stevie wonder shared the singing duties.

Daft Punk where revealed as the distinctive vocodor vocals began, they were adorned in new white helmets and white jackets and were triggering samples. Elements of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Around the World, Lose Yourself to Dance, Chic’s Le Freak and Stevie Wonder’s Another Star were mixed in throughout. The entire audience joined in and there didn’t seem to be a single person in their seat.

You can view the full list of winners at the Grammy’s website.

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