Is this an unreleased Daft Punk demo track from Human After All?

Posted February 3, 2014 Author: Spud in Disguise More:

A member of the Daft Club forum has been doing some digging around and may have stumbled across an early demo or session recording from Daft Punk’s Human After All album. The track below was compiled by Fundave from 3 stems taken from a pack released as part of a remix competition in 2005. Contestants were asked to remix the track, Technologic and were given a set of audio files with various parts and samples from the song to work with. Included were three tracks that didn’t appear on any of the final songs on the album. By layering these together a previously unheard song is revealed.

Although very rough and raw the sound is unmistakeably reminiscent of the album, and it seems likely that if this is a legitimate recreation that we are listening to an early demo that was later dropped or merged into other songs. Most notably fans can hear similarities between Human After All, Technologic, and Prime Time of Your Life.

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