The 6th Annual Dafties Awards! Vote now!

Posted July 8, 2014 Author: daftnews

The next Daftie Awards are about to take place, and you can vote now! As with past years, the Dafties have been presented in various different ways in order to keep the voting process fresh for the forum members.

This year, 5 different categories will be spread over 5 weeks, running from July 1st to August 7th. Each week we will run a different “campaign”, and to take part all you have to do is post your submission in the dedicated thread for the awards. Other members will be able to like the post, which will count as a votes.

The three top voted posts will go to a survey, where the winner will be decided by the community.

Week 1 category: “Best The Daft Club Song”.

Click here to vote! Also be sure to check the Dafties forum thread for further weekly categories!