Recent hack of the Daft Club

Posted May 30, 2017 Author: Spud in Disguise

Regular visitors to the site will be aware that the Daft Club was recently the victim of a hacking attempt. The attackers managed to gain access to underlying code in order to inject pop-ups. We have investigated the issue and believe it to be resolved.

The problem appears to have originated with the WordPress portion of our website, and had a knock-on effect on the forum, which runs vBulletin. We do not believe that any personal data has been accessed, and would like to reassure those of you who have a subscription with us that none of your payment details are stored on our server so could not have been accessed by the attackers. However, some of the pop-ups did seem to be carrying suspicious links and downloads, so if any of these were clicked we would strongly recommend you run some anti-virus on your system to ensure no infected files have been downloaded.

Our systems have had software upgrades applied and other tightening measures applied to safeguard against future attacks.

As a further security measure we will be setting passwords to expire after a certain amount of time and over the next few days you will find you may need to select a new password when trying to log in to the forum. If you have any trouble with this you can manually reset your forum password here. We would urge all our users to ensure they have secure passwords set on any online accounts they use.

We have also taken steps to upgrade the website to run on the https secure protocol to further increase security.

We would like to thank those of you who worked to bring the issue to our attention, and apologise for the amount of time taken to resolve the issue. Rest assured that the safety and well-being of all users of this website (whether registered or not) is paramount. Should you have any further security concerns relating to the site we have setup a dedicated email address to contact us directly – security[at] – if you spot any issues or have any questions please email us and we will respond directly to you.

Thanks again.