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The below list details what cookies are stored on your computer and what they are used for.

Set by vBulletin
Our forum software sets the following cookies:

  • tdc_userid = Logged in User’s ID
  • tdc_password = Encrypted hash of the logged in user’s password
  • tdc_lastvisit = timestamp of your last visit
  • tdc_lastactivity = timestamp of your last activity
  • tdc_skipmobilestyle = Set to indicate the default mobile style should be ignored
  • tdc_userstyleid = Style ID chosen from footer
  • tdc_sessionhash = Users current session hash
  • tdc_cpsessionhach = Moderator or Admin CP login session
  • tdc_markread = List of threads the user has read this session if using Cookie-Based Read Marking
  • vbulletin_collapse = what elements the user has collapsed
  • vbulletin_sidebar_collapse = Whether or not the forum sidebar is collapsed
  • editor_height = Height of the Editor if you resize it.

Set by 3rd Party Websites

  • Google Analytics sets a tracking cookie that stores anonymous usage data
  • Social media buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and Stumbleupon store usage cookies. For more information please refer to their privacy policies.