Copyright Material Policy

The Daft Club operates a zero tolerance policy on illegal file sharing. As a site specifically set up to promote an artist and celebrate their work it seems a bit ungrateful to us when people don’t show artists the respect of paying for their work.

We will remove any links to illegal downloads (be it music, software or otherwise) and take action against the poster, as per our terms and conditions.

There are plenty of legal alternatives to downloading an album through a file sharing website, such as listening to it on Spotify or Links through to official outlets and channels are fine, for example linking to Amazon or embedding a YouTube video that was uploaded on an artists official channel.

The only area of leniency we will extend is where material is not commercially available, and therefore the artist is not losing out on revenue. An example might be linking to a YouTube video of a live set, that is not available on DVD or as a live album.

Many users post links to youtube videos of songs or soundcloud pages, for illustrative purposes. If the destination page contains a link to download the material we will not allow it. If the page does not facilitate the illegal downloading of the material then the link may remain.

If you are unsure please contact us before posting and we’ll be happy to clarify.