Daft Punk - D.A.F.T. A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen and Tomatoes

A collection of music videos from Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework.

Featured Videos

Da Funk

Director: Spike Jonze
Special Features:

  • The Making of "Da Funk" (Featuring Armand Van Helden Remix)
  • The Making of the Dog's Head (Featuring "On Da Rocks" by Thomas Bangalter)

Around the World

Director: Michel Gondry
Special Features:

  • In the classroom with Michel Gondry
  • The Making of "Around the World" (Featuring Masters At Work Remix)


Director: Seb Janiak
Special Features:

  • The Making of "Burnin'" (Featuring Ian Pooley "Cut Up" Mix)

Revolution 909

Director: Roman Coppola
Special Features:

  • The Making of "Revolution 909" (Featuring Roger Sanchez Remix)


Director: Daft Punk
Special Features:

  • The Rehearsal of The "Fresh" Shot With Daft Punk
  • ┬áThe Making of "Fresh"

Rollin' and Scratchin' Live in L.A.

The DVD edition features a multiple camera angle video of Rollin' and Scratchin'. Viewers can select camera shots to create a unique edit. The video was also released on the special edition Musique Vol. 1 compilation.

Guest Appearences

The Burnin' video features many notable appearances, including:

  • ┬áThomas Bangalter
  • Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo
  • DJ Sneak
  • Roger Sanchez
  • Junior Sanchez
  • Roy Davis Jr.
  • Robert Armani
  • Derrick Carter
  • DJ Hyperactive