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15th Jul 2008, 02:22
Hello, I just realized I have yet to introduce myself to the rest of this forum. I live in Maryland, I listen to a lot of electro, and I just like to have a good time (though who doesn't?).

For those who do not already know, I posted my first remix here a few weeks ago. The thread is titled "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Remix Attempt" appropriately. I'm no expert at music production by any means, but I am currently working on another remix, which I can hopefully release as soon as possible.

15th Jul 2008, 03:37
Hello Dr. Sleek :D Nice to have you here!

15th Jul 2008, 08:09
hi! enjoy your stay there!

15th Jul 2008, 11:00
Greetings to thee,

One hopes you enjoy your stay with us

15th Jul 2008, 13:37

15th Jul 2008, 18:49
hey. welcome to the club! =]

15th Jul 2008, 19:00

15th Jul 2008, 21:12
hello, and welcome to the club! Have a good stay here :)