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DJ Lawliet
15th Sep 2008, 08:42
Hey Guys,

My name is DJ Lawliet. I have always been a HUGE fan of thedaftclub.com and I have been a forum lurker for over a year already. Thanks to my new friendships with DJ Muziek and Rapid Sound is why I am all signed up in the first place!

Well I am newly established DJ and Producer spinning French House and Disco Music. If you want you could do a quick search and find me on myspace. My real name Is Josh Hubi and I have huge love from Daft Punk. I would do anything just to be able to see them in person. They are my life, my soul, and without them we would not be here today!

I am so looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time around the forums. See you all around! (8)

15th Sep 2008, 09:05
Welcome to the club! Death Note FTW!

15th Sep 2008, 13:51

DJ Lawliet
15th Sep 2008, 19:14
Thank you for the warm welcome ^^

15th Sep 2008, 20:12
i have a friend who like Death Note.
and your av is cool too :)

15th Sep 2008, 20:25
They are my life, my soul, and without them we would not be here today!

you talking about me? i think that statement is true for a lot of us mega fans. :)

welcome! hope to see you around.

15th Sep 2008, 23:40

16th Sep 2008, 00:41
wulcm tu ze cleub

Death Note, eh? I have all twelve volumes, PLUS the 13th one, which is the fact book about the characters/events and stuff. Luffs it! <3

DJ Lawliet
16th Sep 2008, 03:28
Yes. I first found out death note from a friend whom told me I sit just like Lawliet. I have been sitting like Lawliet since I was four years of age. Due to the amount of love I have for death note and music. I wanted to fuse them both together, createing DJ Lawliet ^^

But thank you all for the welcome! by far the bestest community I have been to yet! woop =]

16th Sep 2008, 08:38
So that's why your name sounded familiar, It's L's real name! Totally slipped my mind (I haven't read the 13th volume in detail). Anyway, awesome name :D

16th Sep 2008, 13:09
I'd say my favourite character is L, like many other people. I also like Near, Mello, and Matt, even though he was short-lived. XP

Sometimes my friends and I act like L for the fun of it. When I eat marshmallows I have to eat it like L! It's just so much fun.
I can style my hair to look like his, too. But it takes a large amout of my Bedhead Manipulator and hairspray. And eyeliner, too. I've got some pics on Facebook.

DJ Lawliet
16th Sep 2008, 16:28
yeah I know what you mean, its so ironic that I do the same thing while creating music. Simply play with my hair and curl my toes. It's also worse that I look just like Lawliet, Including my hair style which is why I have cut my hair.

I really do miss the Lawliet Look, but it just made me look like some type of wannabe. Which is funny because I have been acting like this since I was really young! Because Death Note came about. A few photos of me could be found on my myspace page.

16th Sep 2008, 17:26
Welcome to the club! L is proabably my favourite character in death note too

16th Sep 2008, 20:21
Well, everyone else seems to know what Death Note is, but I don't XD, so I'll just say....

Welcome to the club! ^^

18th Sep 2008, 20:21
Hey, welcome to the club :D