View Full Version : Its Pauly

14th Jun 2007, 02:38
Heys my names pauly :)

i am 16 live in kangaroo country haha meaning ausralia

My cuzin is in dus forum 2 NWO is his nik but real name adam

ahh i love dp jus like use do
i tend to say cuz alot so if i call some1 cuz in dis forum wich im probly allreadt sure i have sorry haha

ahh nm more to say hopefully dp cum down but im sure im going to see busy and justice down in l8 dis yr

14th Jun 2007, 07:55
Hello, Pauly! I'm 16 too! What a suprise! :D

Spud in Disguise
14th Jun 2007, 09:22
lol! That clears up the "cuz" mystery then!! Welcome :)

14th Jun 2007, 10:26
Thanks *Cuz*