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23rd Jun 2007, 20:31
Well, cause i dind't made a proper introduction yet,

Im Jan, 21 years old, student, livin' in holland and yes, I do use canabis. Im a gamer, a lounger, a chiller, and a joker... have a nice relation and, well, I love Daft Punk. In the weekends I work at a famous clothing store in Holland, sell suits and stuff, Im a little buisness related.

23rd Jun 2007, 22:02
Hi Jan, welcome to the website.

I see that you have a great DP collection there =P

23rd Jun 2007, 22:47
Ah well, i think i have the biggest CD.LP collection of all the people on this forum... the picture you see is small, so you don't see it all, i have more than that, i have like 4 daft club passes, 1 verry rare Londen version of discovery (with the extra sticker with the missprint of Naerodynamica ) And the official display of discovery,

Edit: if I aint lazy r something, I still need to make a list of all the CD's/LP/DVD I have, should be a big list, but it costed me a bundle and 4 years of collecting.

24th Jun 2007, 04:43
Piks to prove :)

24th Jun 2007, 23:47
Aside from the the three studio albums, the CD-DVD of Musique Vol. 1, and Interstella 5555, that's all I have


That's quite a lot of stuff you have there predator. I'll check it out once you upload some pics.

See ya

25th Jun 2007, 06:53
I literally have no solid daft punk albums, I have D.A.F.T. that's it.

but it's all in my computer, so it's all good.

26th Jun 2007, 22:49
maybe, but your a fan or you aren't, lol :)

27th Jun 2007, 00:04
...why would I post like crazy if I weren't. haha.

I love the duo more than anything, I mean in a straight way.

27th Jun 2007, 02:17
^^^^Im the same with you i dont own anything of dp jus stuff on the computer:(

27th Jun 2007, 04:40
meh cmon baby's go buy at least one of the albums :P show sum love^^

27th Jun 2007, 06:19
Come on, cut them some slack...

...Maybe they bought some DP tracks from iTunes =P

27th Jun 2007, 11:27
Ye, the first of you guyz getting here, in Holland for a meet-up will receive a Daft Club pass. Like i've got them 4 times, so it's another good reason to come to Holland :P
But ye, i must say that collecting so many CD's and CD singles and Promo's and stuff costed me a bundle and a lot of time. Wenn I have my own home im gonna buy a large glass display to put em'all in.

2nd Jul 2007, 11:51
Ok, cause some people here like to know what my collection is looking like, here is the list of Daft Punk CD's I have currently:

LP's: Double Album LP Human After All
LP SIngle Technologic + LP Single Robot Rock

DVD's : Something about us, + D.A.F.T, +
Interstella 5555 ( no limited edition though )

CD's Albums: Discovery x 3 ( 1 new with the colour inserts, 1 old with the grey inserts, & 1 Londen Release incl. the missprint cover sticker )

Homework + Alive 1997 incl. the Daft Punk stickers inside, + Musique vol. 1 1993-2005 Limited Edition + Daft Club with the sticker, Human After All.

CD Maxi Single's : Technologic + Human After All + Revolution 909 + Around the World + Burnin' + Da Funk (incl. Musique) + Something About Us incl sticker.

CD Single's : Revolution 909 + Burnin + Around the World + Harder Better Faster Stronger + One More Time + Aerodynamic incl sticker + Digital Love.

Promo's/Specials: Promo album: Human After All + Alive 1997
Promo Singles: Technologic + One More Time + Harder Better Faster Stronger
Specials: Around The World: Tee's Frozen Sun Mix Single + A Display of Daft Punk promoting Discovery.

Count: 3 LP's + 3 DVD's + 10 Albums(incl promo) + Total (incl maxi singles & Promo Singles) 18 different Singles.

3rd Jul 2007, 19:42
I gotta go to Holland when Im odler for Masters Of Hardcore, Qlimax and A Nightmare in Rotterdam =]

4th Jul 2007, 10:00
Qlimax is really :wow::wow::wow::wow:ed up great :P