View Full Version : hello everyone, i'm TOCKYN!!FROM MEXICO

4th Jul 2007, 00:11
well, i just want to say that this site is so cool, is nice to be a member, cos i'm going to met a lot of fans!!!!!here in cancun mexico are not fans like me:), i really want daft punk come to mexico, i want to see they performing and playing their amazing songs.

if anybody know something about daft punk go to mexico, please tell me:)
thnx a lot for this site, and keep rockin;) C:\Documents and Settings\admon\Mis documentos\raul-cbtis\1106768418_m.gif

4th Jul 2007, 01:16
Hola, bienvenido to the website...

Nice shirt, where did you get it? =P

4th Jul 2007, 09:58
Enjoy your stay on this site, nice shirt indeed

4th Jul 2007, 11:16
welcome. enjoy the site.

5th Jul 2007, 00:41
haha, thanks!!!! i made it:) .-´`´-.´`´--.-´`--.´´`´->tockyn_2831 crew C:\Documents and Settings\admon\Mis documentos\Mis imágenes\daft_punk.jpg

5th Jul 2007, 02:08
Looks like the Alive 1997 logo with the spraypainted effect.

5th Jul 2007, 22:04
yes, i made it with paint spray or whatever this says, haha. if u want one of this come to mexicooo,haha:)

Spud in Disguise
5th Jul 2007, 22:17
Welcome buddy! It really does resemble the Alive 1997 look - good job!

17th Jul 2007, 03:48
spray paint?

22nd Jul 2007, 02:21
spray paint?

yes, spray paint!!!!!!!!haha,