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7th Sep 2007, 03:29
Now I know I've been here since the beginning (member 11), but I'd like to meet the Aussies on here (like Pauly and matt_cky)
Introduce yourself and eventually, in the month of shows, we'll try to meet up.

I'm Nick Spurway, age 15, birthday 30.12.92 and have liked Daft punk since 2002. I contribute mainly to news for this site. I live in Frenchs Forest in Sydney, NSW, but I was born in Brisbane. I have two sisters: Alex and laura, 19 and 22 respecively. I have both my parents, mark and sandy. I go to school at Joeys and am moving back to Aloys for year 11 in 2008. I enjoy making movies, such as my vlog on youtube and stop motion.
myspace: myspace.com/spurmie
youtube channel: youtube.com/spurway1992
msn: nicholas_spurway@hotmail.com

have a chat if you want!

7th Sep 2007, 04:43
Hi nspurway

Welcome to the club !!! =D

I hope you enjoy the forums, lol ;)

7th Sep 2007, 04:46
Hah yeah I post alot:D Like 250 since Jan 07

7th Sep 2007, 22:55
I know nspurway. I was kidding =P

7th Sep 2007, 23:22
whas up spurway!!!!!!!!!!lol^^ ^^ hope you have enjoy your actually stay. :)

8th Sep 2007, 00:01
I'll be here for a loonng time yet:D

8th Sep 2007, 01:10
Well Hello Spurway :)
ill add you on msn.

well a bit about my self

My name is Paul De Angelis im australian,Living in melbourne in eltham north
wich were i live is called the bush :)
but isnt really.I have 2 sisters elizabeth 6 and gabreilla 18.I sometimes have trouble at school cause i have a short temper haha but i have put my head down this term and didnt fail anything and didnt get any no's on my report so im happy.Im half italian i dont listen to main stream music and i dont download songs i can buy for some reason i like buying albums and singles. and vinyls:)

wel thats about it sorry for telling you my life story but im loving thedaftclub so thanks:)

8th Sep 2007, 01:14
Welcome to the club Pauly !!! =D

*Learns that Pauly is the top poster on the site*


EDIT: Unless someone posts a hell of a lot more than usual, I think Pauly will win the Top Poster Award =P

12th Oct 2007, 12:45
mmm i was gone for a while wasnt home nd had no comp so i thaught id lost my crown haha

i was so desperate to cheack i forced myself to waste $10 on me fone internet just to cheack if i was stil top poster

*The daftclub Junkie*:P haha