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4th Oct 2007, 02:59
Hey everybody.
I've been hearing about this site from all those youtube videos, and finally checked it out. great content/pics!
i'm from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. i actually drove 19 hours straight to the NYC show, and i can't begin tell you how amazing my trip ended up being.
long story short, i ended up with 4 backstage passes, and Thomas and Guy-Man are two of the most genuinely friendly people i've ever met. i've been a big fan of their music for years, and was so relieved to find out that they're also really nice people!

so yeah! nice to meet ya!

4th Oct 2007, 17:56
welcome to the Daft Club, nice to see another Canadian fan here:), enjoy the site!

4th Oct 2007, 20:08
Hi and welcome, i think a lot of people will agree that you should get your story posted in here of the night you had including getting to meet them but also about what you saw behind the scenes.

4th Oct 2007, 22:33
sweet! i was at Keyspan, too! whereabouts in the crowd were you?

and welcome to the club!

5th Oct 2007, 00:16
Welcome to the club. Now post your story on meeting them! !guy-man

8th Oct 2007, 09:48
i was about 20 feet away from the stage, directly in front of the right speaker cluster.
a friend of mine i've dj'd with designed the red logo tshirts from 06, and had been touring with them taking care of merch and doing the odd early opener set. my friends and i had no idea he was even there, and one of us just happened to bump into him while on a smokebreak from the dance pit. we got the passes, and headed back after the show. he could only get us 4 passes, and we were a group of 7, but the security were nice enough to let 5 of us in anyway. one couple gracefully bowed out and waited out front.
i was totally speechless. there was only a handful of people back in the dressing room... basically them, their wives, pedro, sebastian, kavinsky, their lighting designer, and maybe 4 of 5 other guests.
i've been lucky to have met a few different famous people over the last few years, but this was the first time i was actually nervous to talk to someone. thomas came right over and introduced himself, and broke the ice. my GF did the talking till i got my :wow::wow::wow::wow: together. i was absolutely floored that he was so friendly and gave a :wow::wow::wow::wow: who we were. guy-man came over after and had a quick little chat, we had a heineken, some deli meat, then we hit the afterparty. they left in a limo, and we ran for the subway!
i schmoozed the doorguy with our backstage passes, and got all 7 of us in ahead of the lineup. there were some people cursing us out in the lineup, but OH WELL. haha!
the party was insane, and i was really suprised to see that pedro was completely KILLING IT in there. after a bit, i took a break from the dancefloor, and got a water at the bar. i turn around, and goddamn armand van helden is standing next to me! i'm a big fan of his as well, and introduced myself to him. he seemed kinda suprised that i recognized him, but was really friendly and chatted for a minute. i snapped a pic with him, and headed back to my friends to tell them the story.
the pic is blurry, and i look like garbage, but what are ya gonna do?
it was completely rediculous that our night happened this way. we were all freaking out the whole way home, and decided that we needed to move to NY.
the really really really crazy part was that we got to meet them AGAIN the next day! i owe my friend that hooked it all up like a million drinks or something, cause that was the craziest :wow::wow::wow::wow: ever.
i wouldn't even tell the story if there weren't 6 other friends freaking out with me. it's completely insane.

8th Oct 2007, 22:14
WOW. nice.

did !wow and !guy-man go to the afterparty?

9th Oct 2007, 03:03
Good story Drummerboy, awesome stuff.

9th Oct 2007, 04:31

9th Oct 2007, 05:52
yeah, it was intense to say the least.
Thomas and Guy-Man did go to the afterparty, but kept a very low profiile.

10th Oct 2007, 04:54
ah nice. lucky :wow::wow::wow::wow:er. haha.

el guero sucio
11th Oct 2007, 00:06
lord that was an epic night for u and ur buds. van heldon was the only one u got a pic with? i saw him dj a couple of years ago, hes a really down to earth chill dude.

11th Oct 2007, 01:10
yeah, i only got the pic with van helden since he was out at the bar. i was too busy trying to play it cool when i was backstage.