View Full Version : Hi everyone! Here comes a German Fan!

6th Nov 2007, 22:05
Hi everyone!
I'm MaLee-X-treme, my Real-name is Martin and come from Germany.
Of course I like Daft Punk very much, but I also a big fan of "The Prodigy", "Audio Bullys" and "The Chemical Brothers".

btw: This Page is really nice! I like it! !wow <-- And cool Smilies!

6th Nov 2007, 22:16
welcome to the club!

6th Nov 2007, 22:51
Welcome to the club! :)

7th Nov 2007, 16:36
Welcome to the club.
Seen any live performances?

7th Nov 2007, 16:53
No, not yet.
But maybe someday, I hope.

8th Nov 2007, 00:09
We hope it for your sake to, cause most of the veterans here have seen them this summer :) and every fan should have seen them live.

Anywayz enjoy your stay, and guttentag.