View Full Version : Hello From Warm Greece!

27th Nov 2007, 20:18
Hi there, i'm new to this site and you can't imagine how am i luvky to find such a good site! I m a big fun of Daft Punk and I have all their albums except Electroma And D.A.F.T

27th Nov 2007, 21:15
Welcome! I hope you enjoy here. I'm new to this site too because I signed up to here a few days ago

27th Nov 2007, 21:38
welcome to the club! we have another member here who goes to Greece pretty frequently, i'm sure he'll be happy to know. XD

27th Nov 2007, 21:38
welcome to the club,hope you enjoy the site.

27th Nov 2007, 22:15
Be Sure I will!!!! :) I just want to ask something... ( i know that i'm off-topic but...)
Where Can I find DP Fonts??

27th Nov 2007, 22:18
on the general daft punk threads look on the second page(daft punk fonts?) i think there is a link on there.

29th Nov 2007, 16:16
Kalosorises! :D

Poli orea einai na doume Elines fanatikos tou Daft Punk, Xarika poli, ego eimai missos Ellinas missos Saudaaravas kai meno sti Saudi ala pow signa stin Ellada gia kalokairia, krima pou e Daft den erthane gia ena show stin Ellada eh? Makari narthon mia mera, ego tos eida sto Torino.

Enjoy your stay :)

29th Nov 2007, 23:34
welcome to the club mate!