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28th Nov 2007, 01:53
Hai guys!

Mah name is Paul and I are from teh Canada.

I was actually trying to find an ENGLISH Daft Punk online community, but I had no luck. Found small fan groups on various sites, but nothing big. I also found a French DP fan site. However a small accidental click led me to this awesome place. I am so happeh!

When I was little, my Dad bought the Homework album. It didn't really concern me then, or I thought. Years later, I was looking through the CD's I had. I found the Homework CD, popped it in, and it was an orgasm to my ears. It was so nice because it took me back a long time .

Daft Punk has been a part of me for a very long while. I went to the Alive 2007 concert here in Toronto, and it was just breathtaking. I don't think I'll ever see anything as awesome as I did that day, besides of course, Alive 2017. :P

Thanks again! :D

28th Nov 2007, 02:58
welcome to the club,enjoy your stay

28th Nov 2007, 04:26
Welcome! :D

I am fairly new myself, but I am sure that this is just the place for you! ;)

I am a big Daft Punk fan as well. ;)

I guess the first thing that introduced me to them was Da Funk.

I didn't really start becoming an 'obsessed' fan until about 2005, when I heard the new album, Human After All, since then, I've been hooked. :)

28th Nov 2007, 05:19
Hehe. Practically exact same situation like me. Although I liked Around the World more at the time. Right now through, it's Da Funk.

Discovery came out, I loved it. Put it down, and in two years, I bought the Daft Club CD. For me pesonally, it was a big let down. However, I still enjoyed some tracks on it like Ouverture.

A year later in 2005, I was looking through my DP albums. I never knew there was an exclusice club...but by that time as most of you know, the service was finished, and it would just redirect you to the Daft Punk official site, at the time the Technologic video was up.

From that moment on, I became obsessed and I still am to this very day. :D