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7th Dec 2007, 23:40
I don't think there was a thread like this, but yeah..
How about people right out about their experiences of their Daft Punk show(s).
From planning the trip, to getting there, to the actual show, to leaving (and everything good and bad in between).

You can do it all in one post, or do it seperatly in "chapters" if you'd like.

They should all be interesting reads.

I'll post mines latersss

EDIT: Wasn't sure if this should be in SHOWS or THE LOUNGE.
Move around as seen fit.

8th Dec 2007, 00:06
These seem more like random thoughts and sentences that kinda run on and on, but yeah. It gets the point across :)

Part 1: MIAMI
I was kicking myself for not going to Coachella 06. Massive Attack ALONE was enough to make me want to go, but when I heard Daft Punk was going to be there, well yeah.
For serveral reasons, mostly $$, I couldn't make it out to Cali, much less find someone who would want to spend that much on going there themselves.
(Sidenote: I eventually saw Massive Attack that October in NY, so that was sweet).
Dafts tour continued to add dates, totally neglecting the US.
So to my surprise I found out around august or september that Daft would be playing at Bang in Miami, I lost it. I mean, Im in Orlando! How flippin' convenient?!
I didn't wanna drive, so I took Amtrak down to Miami the day before. Me and and an out of state friend were gonna meet up there.
Due to certain problems, my friend couldnt make it that night, which kinda left me stranded to get the hotel by myself. I was a little pissed (at the situation, not him), but it was fine. It all worked out.
The following morning I got up and headed to Bicentenial Park. Calling my buddy, he said he was on his way but was going to miss half the day.

So there I was. Alone at Bang. Not to say that I got bored at all. I had a flippin' blast. Spent the whole day going from stage to stage rocking out to the bands/DJ's. Gnarls Barkley, Common, and Damien Marley were amazing.
And for Miami, it was actually a nice day to be out. It was really hot in the morning, but cooled off around 1pm.
To skip forward a bit, my friend finally got there about an hour before Daft was set to play. He felt terrible, but given the situation, there really wasnt anything he could do..
Anyways, so yeah. I had arrived at Bang's gates about 30 minutes before they were to open. Which proved to not do any good, since they opened about an hour late. Luckily, there was a gas station across the street where I pulled some cash out and some breakfast. I also heard Daft do a sound check as well which was pretty awesome. Finally they gates opened, and don't get me started on the incompitent/rude/stuck up staff at the ticket booth lines....
Bla bla, I get in and the HOUSE STAGE is pretty much the first thing you see. Dafts set up is half built already and what WAS there was just surreal to look at. So much better in person.

Skipping ahead through the day, I met up with my friend who got there late. We got a final drink before getting out spots for Daft. Prolly went there 30 minutes before they started and got an awesome spot (it wasn't too crowded at the time).

They started 15 minutes late, but twas ok. The anticipation was awesome. Once the Close Encounters theme played, everyone lost it!
Out of the 3 shows I went to, this was the best over all.

After the show ended, it was a bit sad.

But not as sad as the DJ (forget name) who played after Daft Punk. He manged to keep a small crowd who just wanted more house to dance to. But yeah, that's gotta be the worst slot ever... I so badly wanted to go behind the curtain to see the stage be taken down.

I got my Daft t-shirt after the show and then went to get a little snippet of Duran Duran (not a big fan), then just ended the night with the SPACEMEN at the BREAKS tent.
I would have liked to have went to the Bang After Party, but was too tired and we went back to the hotel. I caught the early train back to Orlando the next day...

Coming soon: Paris-Seattle-Denver

8th Dec 2007, 01:18
Damn, dude, pretty awesome.

8th Dec 2007, 23:44
love this pic.

nice nice.

9th Dec 2007, 09:18
<333333333 bang~

i think i was a little bit to the left of you, though i can't remember exactly where i was... my pictures don't help either... totally blurry. (cameraphone lolz)

after DP, we recovered with some of our smuggled food and frozen lemonades and watched 4 strings from a distance, then saw about three Duran Duran songs before leaving.

9th Dec 2007, 18:03
Torino, I arrived there at like 7 pm, It was still sunny, great weather, and the park was almost empty, just some people here and there, I immediately started looking for the booth with the merch. and found it, bought 2 shirts (one DP and the other Alive, sadly no signed posters T_T), bought a bottle of water after that and sat down on a stone wall or whatever it was,

At about 8:30 pm, the curtains opened while I got up and went to stand in the middle of the 4th row (on top of this "road bump" kinda thing), this girl comes out and starts talking in Italian, she's basically welcoming us blah blah blah and introducing the acts "WhoMadeWho, LCD Soundsystem, and the main act..... DAFT PUNK!!!" when she said DP, we were like "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HELL YEAH!!" and throwing up horns. XD

WhoMadeWho started and it was ok, being that it was my first ever concert, my ears HURT for a while until I got used to it, when LCD started, it was ok in the beginning, but then the crowd started coming in faster and faster by the time they started playing the last song of their set "YEAH YEAH YEAH", they were shoving and pushing like crazy, I got kinda scared and thought "I knew it, it's a free show, I wont make it, they'll stampede and I'll probably fall on the ground and suffocate, FALL BACK!", feeling dizzy and afraid, I went back a few rows and to the right, I was 8th-9th row now, and things seemed better.

When LCD finished, they closed the curtains and made us wait for like an hour and a half, during this time, a small DJ set by this guy played on the right of the stage, and I found myself a nice and secure spot behind these two twins (with bulky bodies), one of them had his girlfriend with him who wore this pink LCD Soundsystem shirt, anywho, the cameras were filming the crowd at the front and broadcasting the footage on the main screen to the left, and almost EVERYBODY was throwing a finger, funny as hell. This camera kept zooming in on the DJ's set and it had this timer on it, I remember this one time where it said 10' 55"", as in 10 minutes to go until the main show, the crowd roared to that (me included). And the DJ set ended.

Suddenly, the lights go off, we scream, the Close Encounters theme plays, the curtain opens, I scream my ass off, in complete and utter shock "YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! This is happening... OMG THIS IS HAPPENING OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!", .................. ROOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOT "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ROBOT!!!!!!! HUMAN!!! ROBOT HUMAN!!!!....OMG OMG OMG!!!", when the bass kicked in, it felt like a 8.0 earthquake hit, I was fighting for my life and trying not to fall over, had it not been for the twins infront of me with their bulky bodies, I wouldn't be talking to you guys right now, I literally supported my weight on their backs, wherever you guys are... Thank you so much for saving me. To be continued...

Here's a video (not mine) of the beginning of the show (pics of the venue included), I'm the one screaming YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAH on there, and if you listen closely during the part where the Robot/Human chant overlaps right before the bass kicks in, you can hear me screaming my heart out "HUMAN! HUMAN! HUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! AHHHHHHHH!" XDDDDD



9th Dec 2007, 18:16
I was actually watching that pathetic excuse for a webcast that they had of Torino.
They basically showed the first 10-15 minutes of the 3 bands sets, and the rest of the time it was moderators talking...going out and asking people questions...in the studio talking...LAME

You prolly ended up in the webcast Aero! They kept showing these 2 girls interviewing people in front of the stage area

9th Dec 2007, 18:24
During WhoMadeWho and LCD, I was raising my arms up and pointing with my finger to the sky while looking at the screen to the left and smiling (wore a silver watch on my left arm, the one on my current avatar).

9th Dec 2007, 18:35
Part 2- Paris

It had seemed that Daft would most likely not do anything else after Bang. One could hope. I remember actually VERY frequently checking their myspace page for updates.
Come january 2007. My father had become really sick back home in Germany, so I flew back there. (he's better now, just FYI :) ).
Thats when I found out about BERCY....or maybe shortly before I went to Germany. But whatever. BERCY. I went back and forth about if I should go or not.
This would mean that after I went back to the states, I would need to fly back to Germany and then go to Paris with my cousin. Which, seemed like an awesome idea. I thought maybe they would add more dates, but I wasn't sure if I should chance it. So, my mom bought 2 tickets for the show during their pre-sale. Done and done.
I was in Germany for about 4 weeks and then came back home. I forget exactly when, but once the US dates were announced, I flipped out! (first, i was a little bummed that they werent doing Florida again, but what can ya do?).
I had my sights set on New York and or Chicago because they were close. My friend told me we HAVE to do Red Rocks. Colorodo? Really? So I looked up this venue he talked of and it looked amazing! I knew that was the perfect place to go.
So that was set in stone, but I wanted to do one more show. I thought about Chicago for Lollapalooza. There were other people I wanted to see there, but the thing is for some strange reason, I wanted to see Daft in an indoor setting (in addition to the outdoor BANG and Denver shows).
Seattle it was! I've always wanted to go there and Daft being there was all the more reason. Plus, the shows were back to back.
For a short time I was thinking about doing to Lolla AS WELL, but that REALLY would have done me in with my money. NY seemes cool, but Im glad I didnt go to that show. I heard the crowd was meh :)
HOWEVER, I must say I am kicking myself for not chosing L.A. But no comparing the shows in THIS post....

NOW, i still had my Paris tickets sitting in Germany.
Eventually, Daft would announce the 2 Germany dates...
I thought about those as well. Visiting my family+2 daft shows=greatness.
But I thought about how much more money it would have been to fly there and come back and I hate the 8 to 9 hour flight to Germany.
So I then told my mom that I wouldnt be going to the Paris show and would give her the money back (i couldnt find a place to sell the damn tickets!). (I have the tickets as a souvenier now for Bercy :) ).
So I decided to stick with my stateside shows.
HOWEVER, had the Bercy and both Germany shows been more close together, but not too close to the US shows, I would have went.

Anyways, me and my friend set up the hotel/flight arrangements for Seattle and Denver. The Seattle show would eventually sell out shortly after going on sale...

Coming soon: Seattle & Denver!

9th Dec 2007, 19:08
Mostly of you already know my history but here we go:

It was around march when it was announced that daft punk will be playing at LA, in the sports arena and and my family was planning a trip to LA , but still no date.
So i arrange things and talk with my mom to go in the dates dp will be playing july 21,so she was like...hm i don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know no one there and you're the only who can speak english,
While waiting and after talking with my mom that accepted my idea, i wastalking with jeff (melkoret) about if he can saves me ticket, cos the floor ones was already sold..And well i never imagined that he could really save me the ticket.
Ok once in US..july 21, i called jeff few days ago to arrange our meeting (time, place ,etc), I was late because there was an horrible traffic jam BUT anyways when i arrive there was jeff with his friends, after buying the ticket from him i was ready to go the arena( we meet at vagabond inn pretty near from the arena).
OK, no the dp part..i arrive to the arena and i bought my t shirt first thing, then i go straight to the line, but i wanna knew where the daft club member were so i called Derek ( he hadn't log in a long time) i told him to raise his hand, so i can identify him in the line..when i did i go to him and there was jeff,derek and also diego right behind us. After a few talks, and waiting the gates were open. Once inside it was the LOONNGESST time i could wait for something , i mean i was next to jeff and in front of diego, we waited like 1-2 hours for kavinsky and sebastiAn to start playing. After the long wait stading up and after hearing sebastian and kavin ( wich did a really good job), RATATAT starts playing and well..i don't like them like a lot, but after this performance it's TIME for the robots to rock, so when the curtain was oppening i couldn't believe that me from a far away country was there stading in front of daft punk in Los Angeles, so the rest of the show you all know how it feels. Oh and yeah when human after all ended i was exhausted but when i heard the HUMAAAAANNN i was so euphoric that i manage to get energy from nowhere. After the gig, i ended in the parking zone with jeff and drinking water ( you saved my life xD). Then i said good bye to jeff, and i was on my way to the hotel. I was extremely happy but at the time sad because i know an experience like this is only once in the life.

So yeah i travel all the way from my country Costa Rica to my uncles house in port hueneme california.

Road to the Arena:
http://aycu37.webshots.com/image/34596/2002092636905070886_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002092636905070886)

http://aycu29.webshots.com/image/37468/2002009780171512558_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002009780171512558)

The Arena ( weird shot):
http://aycu05.webshots.com/image/36564/2002007014328935003_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002007014328935003)

Diego,me and Jeff ( in that order);

http://aycu07.webshots.com/image/37246/2002048803575806976_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002048803575806976)

Once inside:
http://aycu13.webshots.com/image/34852/2002016967251568700_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002016967251568700)

http://aycu35.webshots.com/image/35834/2002004743002978968_th.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002004743002978968)

And here a video just as a memory(ROFL there was a guy right next to me singing horrible, ignore him xD.)

12th Dec 2007, 01:50
Part 1: Coachella 2006
Start off with my bud Ed bugging me periodically: "Dude, you gotta come with us to Coachella." I didn't pay him too much mind, until I was walking around Macomb Mall and I got his phone call...

"Have you ever heard of Derrick Carter?"
"Whoa, Derrick Carter will be there? That's pretty cool."
"How about Daft Punk?"
"WHOA, you serious? You still willing to pay my way then I'll pay you back?"

The rest is history. Hooked up with this chick who got me "intoxicants" (I don't do any illegal substances anymore) then was in the front pit of the Sahara Tent when Daft Punk went on....

Next up: Miami 2006

12th Dec 2007, 16:01
Part 3: SEATTLE-DAY 1!!
So it was in the making for months! Everything was set in stone.
I seriously only had about 3 hours of sleep the day before I flew to Seattle. But thats another story.
My buddy got to the airport a little late. They said that our luggage MAY OR MAY NOT make it with us.
I kinda freaked a little because my clothes and stuff were in my little suitcase for the next 4 days!! (thankfully it made it to Seattle with us :) ).
Because we ran late, my friend didnt want to wait in the line to get on the plane. SOOO....he was like "Im gonna sit in this wheel chair and get priority seating".
I said whatever. hahahahah. I pushed him and the guy at the desk escorted us inside the plane. Said he had a bad back. :)
The flight was fine. Southwest is cool because the seats are first come-first serve. We had to land in some state (I forget) for a little bit. Thankfully, we didnt have to transfer planes. It was simply a stop on the way to Seattle.
I always wanted to visit Seattle, and for those who haven't been, its amazing! I wish I got to see more in the 2 days I was there (I was mostly in the downtown area).
When we were getting closer, we flew over some snow covered mountains. Beautiful! Especially for me being in Florida for the past 2 years!
As we got even closer to landing, I could see there was a long bridge that seperated to spots of Washington, which was an amazing site.
Once we landed, my friend carried on the sharade (sp??) and we had a waiting airport employee PUSH him to the baggage claim haha. Of course, I tipped the guy. We got our luggage and I put all of our bags on my friends lap. People looked at me like I was the worst person in the world hahahahha :)
We made our way to the bus that took us to our hotel.
The bus ride was awesome too! Got to see some sights. More snowy mountains! Water fronts! AND as we got closer to downtown, we saw the WAMU theatre where the show was going to be at with a huge DAFT PUNK sign hanging!

Hotel was niiiice (of course you expect that from a Marriot).

After settling in, we met up with a friend of my friends to hit up downtown. There happened to be a parade there that day which was fun, but weird.
Im glad I was there that day because it seemed like everyone in Seattle was in the downtown area. You get a feel of the area. Everyones so nice.

Along the parade route was a 7-11 that was turned into a KWIK-E-MART (Simpsons movie promo at its best!). Took lots of pictures with the stand-ees of simpsons characters outside.

The SPACE NEEDLE is a sight to behold! I never got to go up in it because of time, but its an amazing piece of work.

Right next to the needle was a small "fair" with rides and such. We were there for a little while before we went to the Block Party that was happening on Capitol Hill.
We missed most of it, but we caught the end of Spoons set and my friend got to meet the lead singer.
After getting some drinks, we went to an awesome club called Nuemos where Spank Rock and some other DJ's were at. They were spinning a few Daft Punk tracks, which was sweet! Robot Rock and DIGITAL LOVE!!!!! The stage was filled with people! And the dancefloor was never empty.

We were there til they closed and went back to our hotel.
After some pizza, we went into the Marriots pool that was supposedly closed but unlocked! (I seriously didnt want to go swimming. I WANTED TO SLEEP! Remember, I said I only had 3
hours of sleep, plus some nodding off on the plane, then was walking around all day and dancing all night). But my friend is :wow::wow::wow::wow:ing very persuasive!
Bla bla. We finally slept....

COMING SOON: Seattle-Day 2-The SHOW!!

19th Dec 2007, 12:10
December 13th was the event that Sarah and I have been waiting 10 years for; Daft Punk live. Here! In Australia! IN OUR VERY OWN CITY! I got so excited waiting for Sarah to arrive at my house that at about 2pm that I took two Valium so I'd stop getting the jitters.
We rocked up to the venue at about 5.15 and were surprised that the grass area of Sidney Myer Music Bowl was virtually empty (save for some freaks pinned against the barricade) so we had ample time to scope out where the loos were, where we could get beers, and most importantly, where the merch stand was. Sarah and I have bad merchandise luck; we always leave it til last and end up with either ugly designs or oversized/undersized wardrobe disasters. Not so this time! The line was virtually non-existent and we scored matching black and pink tour t-shirts (rather fetching).
Muscles did his set at around 5.45, and it was pretty awesome, save for the fact that only about three people danced, it wasn't dark enough yet, he didn't play "My Friend Richard" and Sarah and I were too lazy to stand so we got some Jagermeisters and sat on the lawn using our free robot masks as fans to ward off the hideous heat. We scoped out weirdos while the Modular DJs did their set; there was someone dressed as a skeleton from the Around The World video, a crowd of people wearing tin-foil hats, some nuts dressed as the blue Power Ranger (complete with lycra suit and mask) and a whole hoard of women that seemed to think you could wear 1980's fluro swimsuits as singlets with high waisted shorts to top the look off. No, ladies. No.
Cut Copy played a sweet set, a little too much new album stuff, but generally good. The frontman was giving his keyboard a nice manic hammering; its always good to have something to giggle about when you're excitable as hell, full of Red Bull and uncomfortable and stuffy from impending melanomas. It says on my set list that Bang Gang DJs performed, and I have no recollection of this. Perhaps it was when we went to pee? God knows. I do remember loudly complaining and muttering "PRESETS" under my lungs while some filler music was playing, so perhaps that was it. If so, it was highly forgettable (apologies, I have some of your CDs!) and long-winded. At around 7...something, The Presets rocked the :wow::wow::wow::wow: and threw in some new stuff, much to my excitement. We had gotten a pretty awesome spot by then, about three people back from the barricade, and up the incline a little so we could see the stage. The crowd had started to pack in tighter, and this was the time that Kiku decided to ring me. Allow me to explain. I got an email about 3 days before the concert from the Modular record label (who manages The Presets, Muscles, Cut Copy, New Young Pony Club, Klaxons etc) asking for a round-up of any fans who'd be going to any of the Australian Daft Punk shows. They only wanted the crazies, the ones who dress as robots (or Power Rangers, as it seems) the life-long fans and the ones that were gonna completely lose their :wow::wow::wow::wow: when the gig started. They wanted to make a film about Daft Punk's fans, and wanted you to write a nice little paragraph about why you should be involved and why you were a massive fan. I skipped all that and sent a JPG of my Daft Punk tattoo with a "here you go". The next day I got an email asking for my contact number; I was in! They asked if they could maybe meet up earlier to film my room if it was interesting; I said it sucked arse, gave them my mobile number and that I'd just meet them at the Thursday gig.
When Kiku rang I could hear only the sweet beat of "Are You The One?" blasting down my receiver. I told him I couldn't hear him about 4 times, and managed to hear the words "text you", so I hung up and waited for his text. He said he'd meet and film me at the Jagermeister tent after the Presets; at 8:30. I agreed. Near the end of the Presets' set, we started to make our way out of the crowd in case it was going to take a while. Sarah was a little bummed that we were losing our prime viewing spot, and I said I'd ask Kiku if we could possibly get some VIP passes to a better location. As we emerged from the crowd, the Presets did their closer; "I Go Hard, I Go Home", my favourite track! I was a little bummed - I could still see it, just not dance in the crowd like a mad bastard.

After a few minutes of crowd settling, Kiku rocked up with a camera and a tripod, approaching me with a nod at my tattoo, smiling and saying "There could only be one, right?"
He set up the camera and decided to film my ink before asking me some questions. People were staring and gathering around, wondering why the :wow::wow::wow::wow: a guy was filming my arm. "Oh, hey, that's awesome!" was the general response, or "Can I be in the film?" with gestures to some really awful rub-on Jagermeister tattoos from inside the tent. Then two Italian stallion types put their arms around me, and started hosting what appeared to be some sort of Jager induced game show segment, aptly named me "Rachel", and then they demanded that Melbourne "get off their arses" and "jump through the camera" to come see Daft Punk. I said I was most offended that I had been given a :wow::wow::wow::wow:e name like Rachel and they pushed off. Kiku asked me a string of questions which I can't really remember, I do remember answering "So what is Nevereverland?" with "It's a concert," (oh God) and "What do you think they really look like under the helmets?" with "Probably fat, balding and unattractive," (I'm sorry) and "So are you an obsessive fan?" with "Well, I'm not one of those freakos who dresses up..." (You have a PERMANENT tattoo, get a grip lady...)
All in all I'm pretty sure I humiliated myself, and you'll all be able to see it @ modularpeople.com in a few weeks time. Sigh.
After I had asked Kiku for some passes and he said he'd see what he could do, thanked me for my time and said he'd catch up with me after Daft Punk's set to see what I thought, we made our way back into the mayhem to catch the last half of Kavinsky and Sebastian's set. He played "Ross Ross Ross" to which I giggled because how often does someone name a song and an album after your boyfriend (times three even, and I briefly considered buying Ross a t-shirt because of this) and counted down the minutes on the clock.
Finally, after what seemed like forever, the people packed in hard, and a loud distortion pedal-esque sound emitted the air, and I realised it was the tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Sarah screamed so loudly in my ear that I thought I was going to explode. Then everything went dark. Then there was lights. Then the pyramid lit up. Then you could see the robots, waving. Clapping. Then I screamed the loudest I ever have in my entire life. Sarah squeezed my hand and I left nail-marks in hers. The air filled with the sound of robot voices chanting "HUUUUUUMAN. ROOOOBOOOOOT. HUMAN. ROBOT." I swear I nearly pissed my pants. I probably did and just assumed it was sweat later on. They broke into "Robot Rock" and the crowd went :wow::wow::wow::wow:ing INSANE. It turned into a mosh-pit and some girl singed me with her cigarette from dancing insanely. Everyone lost all inhibition and danced like 1980's raving losers. It was fantastic. I could only film video on my mobile phone, my stills were coming out completely white from the LEDs, so unfortunately my evidence of the magic is limited.
The Tron-esque grid on either side of the pyramid flashed rainbow and swirled and nearly gave me epilepsy. It was incredible. So much time and effort and design must have gone into the show, and let me tell you, it was worth the 130 bucks for Daft's set alone. It was the best damn show of my life! The finale was incredible, when Thomas and Guy had red LEDs attached to the outside of their suits so you could see their silhouettes, it was fantastic. The mash of "One More Time", "Human After All", "Together" and "Music Sounds Better With You" was incredibly awesome. The crowd went completely bonkers for the "Music Sounds Better" riff, and everybody was chanting the words to "One More Time". I nearly got crushed and I loved it.
After the finale, Sarah and I went back to the Jager tent to meet Kiku for the final consensus. He rocked up and fiddled about with his camera, then muttered something about having to get lights or change batteries and scuttled off without really explaining very much to Sarah and I. We lay on the grass and tried to breathe, and some French guy asked us if we wanted free sex. We said no, thanks, we couldn't walk properly, and how could we possibly have sex? He was like, "Joke...reality..." as if we didn't get it. Sarah took some photos of him and his drunken friends for him, and then we started walking down to the orchestra pit to find Kiku after I insisted he'd probably gone to snort some coke. Security got all up in our grills, and I said it was okay, we were waiting for the Modular guy to come film us. The security guard scoffed. I declared drunkenly and loudly "You'll see when he gets here!" and rang Kiku, telling him that security was making everyone leave. He sounded a little confused or dazed (its all that coke!) and asked if we were going to the after party. I said I couldn't walk and needed to go home and die. He said thanks and told me he'd email me some details. Sarah and I stumbled to 7-Eleven and got slurpees. I don't remember anything else except a guy on the train had a Beethoven t-shirt and I nearly ruined my free masks with slurpee goodness. End.