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23rd Dec 2007, 05:13

Im Dj-Thunder frend with Dj-Pixcell (Dylan) im going to make some mixes soon and hopfuuly with Dylan my name is trent btw

OMG there was this one time i had a frend over he said put on some mussic i said ok then i put on dafpunk he shuht it off i said WTF he said it was gay -.- this i was all like ur gay and he went home crying ROFLMFAO!

Well im new to the fourm so ill see ya round and ill be posting 2!

Thanks to Dylan i got hocked on daft punk >> wach is a OK thing...
Were making a site MABY soo keep a close eye =D


23rd Dec 2007, 14:43
lol welcome to the club...
dark dj at your service from bournemouth (dorset, uk)...also mate of pixcells...

anyways welcome

23rd Dec 2007, 14:47
haha, I see you did some mixes with em ;)

23rd Dec 2007, 14:49
well sort of lol....my song bowl o' chili...hes mixed that with sum other stuff and weve been advisin eachother on the mixing front....ita all good ;)

23rd Dec 2007, 14:50
haha hopfuly i can stat soon. HOPEFULEY! =P

23rd Dec 2007, 14:51
=] yer lol tis all good....mixing and the like....

what sorta stuff u gonna be mixin then? i do daft punk and my own

23rd Dec 2007, 14:53
no idea yet.. I have a HUGE lirbary at home tho =D so i will peobly do a little daft and then someouter random song roflmfao.. but I dont know the program to use :(

23rd Dec 2007, 14:54
i suggest either traktor if you can get it...or virtual dj..thats always good!

23rd Dec 2007, 14:56
I could p[probly get both for free... LOL.. I have meh ways.

23rd Dec 2007, 19:30
good good lol...

23rd Dec 2007, 20:19
lol Hey Welcome Trent. :P

Good to see you finally registered. :P

PS. Dark, could you tell me a bit more about this traktor??

Whats its features?

23rd Dec 2007, 22:12
Welcome to the club!

24th Dec 2007, 23:03
Welcome to the club!

What he said... :P