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8th Feb 2008, 01:45
Hey I'm Joe..just joined the Club :D

I had never heard of Daft Punk until 2007 when I went to see them play at the 02 Wireless Festival and ever since then I've been hooked :D The show was soo good, and even though I had never heard any of the songs, other than one more time..I still lost it and had the best night of my life :P

My top 5 songs are: One More Time/Aerodynamic...Television Rules the Nation...Human After All...Superheroes...High Life

I've also got two homemade Daft Punk helmets that me and a mate made for a fancy dress party :D

So anyway..Hi :D

8th Feb 2008, 02:08

8th Feb 2008, 13:21
Welcome to the club!