View Full Version : I forgot to ever introduce myself lol (dK)

10th Mar 2008, 09:42
Hi Im dK i'm a DJ and a Musician and have had a few songs professionally made and made top 20 in the charts lol but under another name.

I play Bass, guitar, Paiano (KEYS AS WELL), some brass instruments eg trumpet ect, i also can play the Sax and Drums as well.

i have played with Natalie Williams who has a few members of the Basment Jaxx in her band that means i have played with them before as well

i have also played with Prince and larry Graham as i know Larry Graham through a radio DJ i know also so that was fun

I currently play in a band called New Beginnings in which i play the Bass.

the guitarist in our Band used to play in a British Funk/Soul band in the 70's/80's called Hi Tensions look them up on YOUTUBE or somthing lol his name is Paul Mclean.

I Also DJ a little with my cuz after the gig if they want a DJ after.

Big respect for Rock eg Led Zeppelin ect
also like Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller and Bootsy Collins

Sorry this is so long but hey what you guna do

i am currently working on the Robot After All Project so feel free to listen to some of my remixes on there ok BIBI

10th Mar 2008, 23:56
Welcome to the club. :)

12th Mar 2008, 00:29
....i don't think i ever introduced myself....XD
but i think it's a lil bit to late for me
well welcome anyway!!!

12th Mar 2008, 03:16
same here. it's wayyyy too late for me.