View Full Version : G'day All Daft Punk Fans Around the World, Around the Wo-orld :P

4th Apr 2008, 11:30
Hey everybody,
My name is Jake, i'm from Australia, right smack-bang on the Murray River (border of Victoria and New South Wales)
I have known about Harder Better Faster Stronger for quite a while, but never really listened to it properly, then once i did, i just HAD to find the artist... Now here i am... still a bit newbie, but been a hardcore Daft Punk fan for about a year now.
I'm actually listening to Around the World as i am writing this ;)
By the way, i really like the little smilies (lol)
Anyway yeah... i just missed the concert last december and i am really REALLY dissapointed about that... hopefully Daft Punk will do another one near the Melbourne area sometime.
Well that's about it, I love Interstella 5555, got it and watched it about 7-9 times =P
Anyway yeah, i'm glad i've found a Daft Punk fansite, been looking around for one.

4th Apr 2008, 13:20

gutted you missed the Alive 2007 tour. I saw them at the first gig at Rockness in Scotland. It was immense

4th Apr 2008, 13:21
welcome to the club
hope you are a daftpunkamaniac for many years to come

4th Apr 2008, 18:44
welcome! hope you enjoy it!!

4th Apr 2008, 18:45

4th Apr 2008, 20:55
Enjoy your stay!

4th Apr 2008, 21:34
Welcome! !happy

4th Apr 2008, 21:37
The emoticons here are fantastic.

Oh and Welcome!

4th Apr 2008, 21:40

One of us. One of us.

5th Apr 2008, 02:58
hello,i hope you enjoy it here

5th Apr 2008, 08:42
Well, that's a good start, so many people saying welcome in the space of about 20 or so hours :)
Glad to know that fellow Daft Punk fans are friendly, and yes, i'm sure i will be a 'daftpunkamaniac' for many more years :P