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Steam Machine
6th Jun 2008, 15:15
Hello Everyone!

Im 29 and im from Canada (Quebec) so english is not my first language, sorry if i could be hard to be understanded some times:P

Im a DP fans from many years, Around the world and Da Funk was the song who they made me bought Homework and at my first listening i been totally addicted. The first time I heard discovery I did not know what to think about, a little too much ‘’disco’’ for my taste at this time. so I leave aside my passion for DP a little bit...

Last year I learned in a television show that DP was come give a concert in Montreal and it was the best concert that the reporter has seen in his life. They showed some images of the show and I thought WOW it was just too good. I just got my Cd’s out and listening em back, and i got the revelation... probably cause im older now... but i really loved discovery, way much than homework :D

At this time i started to search the web to see more about their show and i discovered that other album was released, human after all of course, AND Alive 2007, 10 minute later i was in a Music store:P since im a super addicted fans, im listening DP everyday and cant get enough of it:P I really love their sound, their vintage influence and their thematics. I love the mood they created around em and their music,

Im a non-professional musician, i collect vintage keyboard and organ but i always loved techno music, House music in particular. I’ll install Ableton in my cpu and try to build my own stuff, i didnt expect to be a great dj as DP but ill have a lot of fun, mixing a Old 1965 Vox Continental organ with some electronics effect will be cool:P

im a graphic designer and i did some wallpaper of DP, i posted em in the Daft Art section, if you need anything, Wallpaper, photo montage, Avatar, Signature or Cd cover dont hesitated to ask me, its my job:) i love to mix my work with my hobby and passion :) Im also not bad at crafting things so i should start a Thomas helmet soon...

Thx to DjAlive to show me this site, it was exactly what i was looking for! If i could help the community by any ways just tell me!

Daft Punk For The Win!!! !happy

6th Jun 2008, 15:30
I loved your wallpapers. (l)

Welcome to the club! ^^

Oh and don't worry about your English. :) Your English is very good.

6th Jun 2008, 15:40
Welcome to the club! :D

6th Jun 2008, 18:59
Enjoy your stay!

6th Jun 2008, 19:25
welcome, steam machine...

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Welcome to the club!

7th Jun 2008, 18:04
HELLO! and welcome to the club :)

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Hello! Welcome to the club. :)