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    I wanted to see my first posts here, but oddly i can only see the last 500.

    I assume it has something to do with the site renewing, but if the old posts are still here, why arent they in the post history?
    DAMN IT! That is such a good idea!

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    i'm not sure exactly why, but pretty much whenever you do a search for posts, it limits itself to 500 posts. you are right, however, and the posts themselves are still there.

    if you're looking for extremely old posts, you can use the Advanced Search option and change the date settings around. for example, you can tell it to look for posts after or before a certain date (no specific dates, though--just general terms like "a week ago" or "a year ago") or you can choose to list posts starting oldest first by choosing "in Ascending order" under the Sort Results by if you have "Last Posting Date" highlighted.

    if you're trying to find your first post, you should also include your username in the appropriate box, and make sure you tick the "Posts" option under "Show Results as"

    this search should show your first post, i think. (i searched for posts made by you, and changed the sort results by to ascending order.)


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