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    Well, you've heard me yack about it for weeks now and after a month of me making it, it's finally finished to show the world!
    My Christmas Present to The Daft Club!

    ...........and it's a poem. Yeah, a poem.

    But this is not just any wimpy Xmas poem, oh no! This is an original christmas poem all about you guys! Now making a poem about the members of TDC wasn't easy, so I had to narrow it down out of over 1000 members! In the end, there are about 64 members in this poem, so if you're not in there, I really do apologise and maybe I'll try to get you in next year's Xmas Present!

    Also, since this poem is about you guys, I definatly tryed to write about you in your sense of character in there, if you understand what I'm saying. However, if you don't approve or like what's written about you in this poem, again I apologise and if it's that much of a bother, I'll try and change it.

    Anyway, are we sitting confortably? Then I'll begin!
    Enjoy this poem called...


    It was the Night before Christmas,
    and in every night club house,
    not a DJ was playing,
    not even Deadmau5 ()
    as everyone was getting ready,
    before the dawning of the sun,
    for Christmas to arrive,
    and St. Nicholas to come

    Now everyone, everywhere, loved Christmas very much,
    especially one person, who loved it and such,
    you could see that he had that holiday spirit in his eyes,
    his name of course, was Spud In Disguise
    Now Spud was doing something special right here,
    as he originally planned it from the beginning of the year,
    as he was organising a party for the members of his club,
    to come and join him, to dance and eat grub

    "Everything is now set!", said Spud,
    "The turkey is out and so is the Christmas pud!"
    "I can't wait till the guests arrive and see this with awe!"
    Then all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door
    It was the members of The Daft Club that were there,
    "Merry Christmas!", they shouted with a care,
    "Come in everyone!", said Spud, light-hearted,
    "Let's go get this party started!"

    The party was a magnificent sight,
    with so many guests around,
    all were doing different things,
    and making joyous sounds,
    Spud was hanging with the admins,
    Piroteki and Boutboulman,
    who were right under the mistletoe,
    blushing as red as they can!

    The famous artist, Staceylala,
    as usual, was having a ball,
    CJVernetti was drunk already,
    and came down with quite a fall!
    Gymtonic cooked up, some Xmas muffins,
    and Hani was raising the roof,
    Bananaeconomics made no sense at all,
    and JPMLO14 broke a tooth! ()

    Windwaker 1994 sent a 909 error,
    and Aimforthehead came for the thrill,
    Problemloadingpage had a page loading problem,
    and Destroyer9887, went in for the kill
    Digital*Aria came from Candy Mountain,
    and gaeM cried out, "WOO-HOO!",
    Spamwichx went out and spamed the whole place,
    showing us what she could do!

    Tomatorama was actually rock n' rolling,
    and ~*Donutso*~ was doing 'The Daft',
    Electro_Ma was always...well, the mamma,
    and Amq came for a laugh!
    Australian came in, saying "G'Jour!",
    in which ArnoFR said, "Bon'Day!",
    Efun challenged ROBOT to a doddling competition,
    which ended in a draw, m'kay?

    Master of the Janitorial Arts, ION14 appeared,
    along with turtle ninja, Dsquare,
    Lozluvsdaftpunk thought to bring out the love,
    and spreaded triangles everywhere
    Akkazento was playing his Ableton mixes,
    and M3311|Robot was nodding to the beat,
    Boombagirl was annoying (in a good way though), ()
    and Daniel Rider was moving his feet

    CuBuLo was playing with his electro gear,
    and Champiness was wandering about,
    Melkoret explained how he killed Mufasa,
    and Nightshark was grooving up and down
    Rdkl was showing off his DP shirt,
    and Psylark was moving quite swiftly,
    TOCKYN was doing quite alot of juggling,
    and Upset_clown shouted out, "Nifty!"

    "HUMAN" was playing 'Super Mario Kart',
    along side 8-Bitbot,
    Daft_funk was playing his C64,
    and Jo the Martin played 'Left4Dead' alot
    DaftSnow was posting DP pics everywhere,
    and saved the day, came DaBatman01,
    JaceInman came in hip hopin',
    and Gdlneo came to have fun

    Just when the party was getting really good,
    B.E.A.S.M told everyone with a shout,
    that everyone should head to the dancefloor,
    as TDC DJs were coming out
    First on the decks was Juniper,
    getting everyone to start movin',
    followed by DJ Sam 909,
    to make 'Da Revolution' start groovin'

    Next was DJ Waybig,
    and played his mix of 'Love & Mind',
    then DJ GODS cried "LET THERE BE HOUSE!",
    and House came upon mankind
    DJ Dekoi came to rock the party,
    and played his 'La Roche X Poka' mix,
    Nerd42 broke down some Daft tunes,
    and showed off some pretty good tricks

    Then Alive and Luchofunk did a DJ team up,
    and played their 'Alive 07' remakes,
    Then DJ Pixcell played a hell of a lot of Deadmau5,
    and showed what being a DJ really takes
    Boba came and smashed the place,
    showing us 'Love, The Universe and Everything',
    But DJ Muziek a.k.a. Pants 3000,
    gave the party that extra zing!

    Then came the main event,
    a great big DJ showdown,
    a match against Sebon and Dark DJ,
    to show who's the best in Spud's town
    Sebon kicked off this awesome fight,
    by playing 'Symphony No. 909',
    but Dark DJ played 'Needs More Bass',
    which made the crowd feel mighty fine

    Dark DJ started to mess around,
    and played a bit of 'Move It',
    but Sebon slamed down 'Liminality',
    which made everyone start to groove it
    Finally they both played some DP remixes,
    with the score being close to matchin',
    Sebon played out 'Da Stronger',
    and Dark DJ played out his version of 'Rollin' and Scratchin''

    In the end it came to quite a close call,
    as the club applauded to what they saw,
    so on that note, both DJs shook hands,
    and decided it was a draw
    Now all of a sudden, the encore came around,
    and things got really wild,
    as Evil Stereo took the stage,
    in which everyone really smiled

    Evil Stereo played all sorts of house music,
    from Poka to Mylo to Kavinsky,
    and he also did his special 'Sample Breakdown' trick,
    to show that this is the place to be
    Then came, the final song,
    which was an absolute tune,
    but however he needed some help with this one,
    so he called on DJ NiteShade accross the room

    They played the 'Around the World VS. Signature' Mix,
    which was a song of monumental,
    they both looked upon the place and watched,
    as the crowd went f**king mental!! ()
    When the song was finished and the set was done,
    the club thought it was time to go,
    but Spud had one more surprise in store,
    for them he had to show

    He told everyone to go outside,
    and, to their surprise,
    was a big christmas tree shaped like Daft Punk's Triangle,
    right in front of their eyes
    "Who made this?", asked Staceylala,
    and from behind the tree, alive!,
    was famous legendary member of the club,

    So all together, they all held hands,
    and around the tree they curled,
    they sung, not any christmas carols,
    but sung, 'Around the World'!
    Then Spud threw his arms in the air,
    and shouted with all his might...

    Heh! Told you there was a picture!
    Obviously Spud is the one taking up most of the picture but I'll identify the rest from left to right:
    First row-ArnoFR, Nerd42, Psylark, Dsquare, Daniel Rider, Windwaker 1994

    Second row-Sebon (Electromatic), Dark DJ, Piroteki, Boutboulman (You can tell it's him because his avatar is the logo on his cap), Jo the Martin, Hani, Boba, Champiness

    Third row-DJ Pixcell, Efun, Pants 3000, Staceylala, JPMLO14, Nightshark

    I did try to get everyone on there but I unfortunatly ran out of room (Damn you Spud!) so I only could draw a few members on there. Sorry. (I've plan to do a big picture of TDC in 2010 with lots of members on it though! )

    Anyway, that's it! I hope you enjoyed that, I wish you a very happy holidays, a happy new year and remember...


    Peace and Long Live The Daft Club!
    8-Bitbot (J.B)

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    Awwwwwww! That's so sweet! <Hugs.> You officially win Christmas.

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    That is absolutely brilliant.

    Fantastic job, 8-Bit and thank you very much!
    DAMN IT! That is such a good idea!

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    8-BitBot, YOU ARE FULL OF WIN.

    *gives rep.

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    I think somebody just won The (Daft) Life.

    this is too awesome to be true, actually, I can't believe it O_O

    great job 8-bit! plus it's extra cool because I'm there and I totally raise the roof xDxD

    ps. thanks for perpetuating my sceptical face from previous avatar
    music projects: oxos / hey karen
    personal: facebook / twitter / instagram

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    OMG HOLY ****! GUYS!! I'MIN A POEM!!1! I LOVE U 8bit!

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    Its all 100&#37; True.


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    Wee Waa

    Aww thats so great that you took the time to make that for us, its so awesome ^_^

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    Maaaaaang. This could probably be the best Christmas present I've ever had. It was totally awesome of you to have done this. When you said you were preparing a Christmas present for us, I didn't think it would be this good. Thank you so much for this!!!

    Note: I should mention that my tooth was actually aching while I was reading the poem. Just saying.

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    derpan, apparently lolz


    made me laugh

    (you can remove that note from the part about me and bout, we're fine with it--we'll i'm speaking on my part, but bout's not the "shy" one and i sincerely doubt he'd care.)


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