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    Post Count Deletion?

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    Ok this is the second time this has happened to me. Not 20 minutes ago, i had 1618 posts. For some unexplicable reason its now down to 1,482. WTF? right now, if i added the two post deletions that happened to me i would have around 2000 posts as the first change dropped me by 400. can someone please help me here?

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    i responded to the PM you sent me, but just to clarify for anyone else distressed over similar stuff, i'll explain why this is happening.

    post counts disappear when i/other Team members do heavy-duty forum cleaning, basically. (6 months ago was the last time i attempted to do a deep clean.)

    a lot of what that involves is moving locked threads away from the regular forum areas. they're essentially "deleted" to ordinary users, but still accessible by the Team. most of what was moved this time was in relation to the new Your Music and Resources forums, so i finally tackled the large and unruly Other Bands (you may have noticed this has also been renamed to General Music). members who made a lot of posts in this area will probably be the ones noticing some decreases in their post counts.

    (just to explain why it was such a large number, a lot of what i moved were the left-over locked threads from before we started enforcing that users keep their music in one thread. in case you or any other tdc artists need access to the threads or the link/material in it, we can still access them for you.)

    just want to make sure that people aren't worried that they're being hax!'d or that their being singled out. moving threads like this affects nearly everyone--including myself and the rest of the Team.


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