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    Too much sampling in a track?

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    In the case of French House and other genres which frequently make use of samples, do you get to a point in a track where you feel you've sampled a song too much/for too long?

    For example, i was working on a project for a few hours sampling an Earth Wind and Fire song. When i started listening back to it i realised in parts of the song there was a lengthy amount of the sample playing out unlooped as per the original, just combined with my own drums/effects.

    i was annoyed at this because after all that effort i'd put in to putting my own spin on it, when i heard that part i couldnt really convince myself that i'd be able to call the resulting track my own. i like how the track sounded to me but it couldve been due to the original song itself and the fact i had 'over-sampled' it.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?

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    honestly I dont think It matters just make you call it a re-edit or something so you dont get sued!
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