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    what kind of live setup did Daft Punk have in Alive 1997 and 2007?

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    I'm not asking what kind of equipment they used. I know what they used but I am wondering what you would call it? Is it a DJ setup? Studio setup? What is the actual term to describe what their live performances are?
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    Well I know for alive 1997 they were basically taking around their studio. Literally playing their 909 etc live, so I guess you could call that a studio setup.

    Alive 2007 was a lot different though, I don't know what to call that because it combined DJing and the ability to edit/add live effects. I also have a hard time finding names for it.

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    Alive 1997 would be called a "Live PA" these days. They pretty much had a bunch of their drum machines, synths, and samplers all hooked up to some sequencers and synced together. They would control the volume and eq levels with a small line mixer. They also had to use some compressors and effects units.

    Alive 2007 was an Ableton Live setup. Ableton Live is a "DAW" software which lets you perform live using audio loops or MIDI sequences that are automatically warped to the same tempo. You can apply many different effects to the loops. They had Behringer BCR-2000, and Jazzmutant Lemur controllers to externally control the software. Along with the software they had a few Minimoog rack synths receiving MIDI sequence data from Ableton Live.

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