Ok so I know that all over the web are fan made or produced mash-up type albums and stuff obviously. And those can be pretty amazing by themselves what with Danger Mouse and the like producing their own.

But what I'm really looking for are the "officially" made ones. And by officially I mean someone who owns or has access to the master recordings of the original songs. Cause they always turn out better like that than the fan made ones.

The list of those that I have found so far is unfortunately small but all of them are amazing. All three of them have one a Grammy at some point which goes to show their quality.

And I know everybody here is familiar with the first one. lol

1. Alive 2007 - Daft Punk
2. Love - The Beatles
3. Collision Course - Jay-Z/Linkin Park

Collision Course is the only one that involves different groups but all three mix a good chunk of their own music together to create amazing new songs. I simply love this style and can't get enough so if anyone knows of any other good official albums released or created like this please let me know.