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    Can anyone help me out with a lost setting on Virtual DJ?

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    Here's my problem, I was using VDJ for a while, but then something happened and I had to reinstall. I have a numark omnicontrol controller and when I would use the jog wheels, the left one and right would have different results. The left one would act like any default jog wheel (slowing down the song and creating obvious distortion to the lyrics and then "winding back up" returing to normal), but the right jog wheel would slow down the song, but create no distortion. This created an effect that seemed to draw out whatever word or bass note it was on and then immediately return to normal when released.
    I LOVED this. But ever since about two months ago and had to reinstall, both jog wheels act like the norm, and after trying by myself to fix this, I've had zero luck. Please help me get back my right jog wheel!

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    Re: Can anyone help me out with a lost setting on Virtual DJ?

    You should ask the VDJ/Numark tech staff.

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    guys zeememba to pwezz ze play buttone on ableton for ze show to start.

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