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    Guy Manuel in progress

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    Hi everyone, First off I would like to thank all of you for the amazing wealth of information and build tips I have learned from this site. Without this forum, I don't think my helmet build would have been possible.

    I purchased a bucket from iOffer and began the monumental task of cleaning up the pull. It was cracked in a few places including a fractured jaw which I would imagine was shipping damage, and began trying to straighten out a pretty warped bucket.

    As bad as it was, it was a whole lot easier than starting from scratch. Nothing an 8 oz. can of bondo, a tube of glazing putty, and a can of high build primer can't fix

    Even got started on the electronics

    Well thats it so far, I'd love any input or tips you guys have to share.

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    Re: Guy Manuel in progress

    Any updates so far? Necro posting but I'd love to see how you did your electronics!
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    Re: Guy Manuel in progress

    The electronics there were purchased from here: if your interested in how they work

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