Hey guys,
First of all, let me say hi and thanks for everyone who participated in the 450 pages from the tips thread.

So here's my first take at a Thomas costume. The helmet is too big but since it is my first try, it will do for this Haloween.

Pepakura and cans

My cheap 20$ coat with the studs from two studded belts (man, de-studing was a pain in the ass!)

First fit try

Opera gloves and plastic sheet warped with a heat gun

Resin, fiberglass and Bondo!

First rough sanding

Getting there...

Some coats of black Lacquer

First coat of paint

I had to try the visor

And try everything together :P

Very happy from the result!

I still have work to do; more light coats of paint, installing the leds, foam padding the helmet. But at last I can see the end!