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    "Plastic Fantastique" & "Mask Force" - Melody Maker, Apr & Jan 1997

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    Here are two articles from Melody Maker, both from 1997. I have already posted "Mask Force" as it came with the 1997 press kit; but this is the original, non photocopied version...

    First up is "Plastic Fantastique." The boys are in LA playing a gig and take some time to talk about dance music and... politics

    Having read so many articles from the Homework era, it's hard to not sound like a broken record here, but they start off by taking about how they started in rock with Darlin', partly because and it was cheaper to buy a guitar than a sampler. But as they continued going to concerts, their opinion of rock changed, which Thomas describes: "The gigs were full of people doing nothing and we felt we were wasting our time, so young, in this kind of place." They also talk about how France was extremely right-wing at the time, and a veritable no-man's-land for music, especially electronic music.

    Some funny moments include Guy-Man, because of his quietness, being compared to Oddjob from Goldfinger (the menacing guy with the deadly bowler hat, haha) and the process of getting in touch with Daft Punk, which entails looking for Busy P in various cafes & bars around Paris.

    And here is "Mask Force." This time Thomas and Guy-Man are hanging around Montmartre talking about dance music and... politics

    Haha, well, yeah. That's kinda what it was all about at the time. However, they do discuss their favorite music, and how they weren't so much into the kind of music they make (Guy-Man states that they didn't buy house records or go clubbing until 1992,) but more into hip-hop or bands from the 60's and 70's. About how their musical tastes influenced Homework, Thomas says "We don't want to recreate old things, although old music does inspire us."

    Click here to download both articles in a zip file
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    Re: "Plastic Fantastique" & "Mask Force" - Melody Maker, Apr & Jan 199

    Yay more!!! You are a king. This is going to be a nice addition to my USB stick stash of Daft Punk interviews.

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