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    hey guys, long time no active ;D

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    hahahahah i haven't been on here in ages.
    well, since last time, i've stopped loving Daft Punk,
    i mean, i still respect them alot,
    but i lost faith in them... with the whole new album ****...
    nevertheless, i still listen to their music every once in a while,
    and i still love "Prime Time of Your Life" alot haha
    naw, well, anyways,
    im back (: hey

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    Re: hey guys, long time no active ;D

    Well it's nice to have you back! I remember seeing you around "back in the day"... not much has changed since then, haha...
    You may be happy to hear that rumors of their fourth album are swirling yet again. At least this time there's something to substantiate them besides a poorly-translated Busy P article... everyone from Chilly Gonzales to Paul Williams is apparently working with them; if it pans out it should be awesome (perhaps even awesome enough to get you back on board)!

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    It's a sign.

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