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    Stems / Multitracks. Interested? Join Team Anonymix!

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    Recently there has been some unpleasantness with the Feds shutting down Megaupload and a certain company known for making games featuring "bands that rock" threatening sites that distribute multitracks with lawsuits. We believe multitracks and stems of songs should be shared freely for people to make fan remixes, mashups and other forms of unsolicited / permission-less non-commercial derivative art with and are willing to invest our time and resources to see that our beloved multitrack recordings never disappear from DRM-free public availability.

    If this sounds like some goals you are interested in (I notice alot of Daft Punk fan remixes and mashups on here!) then email for an invite to join our project. Like Daft Punk, we don't believe in the "Star System." We are the musical version of Anonymous - Team Anonymix.

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    Re: Stems / Multitracks. Interested? Join Team Anonymix!

    Do you actually have any .wav quality Daft Punk stems?

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    guys zeememba to pwezz ze play buttone on ableton for ze show to start.

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    Re: Stems / Multitracks. Interested? Join Team Anonymix!

    I am a supporter of this effort and um, they have some Daft Punk stuff that they got from me which I have also posted here at in the past. But what this group is into is not just any particular band but like, all bands. Multitracks / stems of all kinds of music raining down from the heavens to all the masses of peoples whenever it leaks.

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