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    9-9-99 as a comic

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    what if most of the members at TDC made a comic cartoon on the day that Daft Punk became robots?

    how would thomas and guy be drawn unmasked?

    what would you make them say?

    how would you draw out Daft Punk in the procedure of becoming robots?

    send your ideas here and we can make one kickin 9-9-99 comic!

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    Re: 9-9-99 as a comic

    Hmm, well we could make it in a realistic style comic, with angles and pictures done in a traditional superhero-comic style, It not showing their faces, or only briefly showing them and then silhouettes at other times. The comic should obviously be based on the story that Thomas made up to explain the helmets, that they were working with a sampler, it blew up, and they woke up as robots. Maybe the dialogue could be that they are discussing about how the sampler is behaving strange or that they were working on secret material. For them becoming robots, an explosion, pieces and parts of technology flying everywhere and them being knocked back, and them waking up to see that they are now robots. Just some suggestions

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    Re: 9-9-99 as a comic

    I think it should reference Electroma. After the explosion they could wake up in the white room, surrounded my mysterious technicians who has turned them into robots.

    Other things that could be included:
    The sampler or mixer or something had a "short circuit".

    At first they could be without jackets, just covered in black material, like they look in Electroma without the leather.

    The angle from Star Wars Episode III where Darth Vader sees his mask being put on from the inside could be used somehow.
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