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    2012 Album

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    I have heard that Paul Williams has supposedly been working with Daft Punk on a new album. He is not the kind of person I would expect them to work with, but knowing Thomas and Guy, they're bound to pull something brilliant out the bag. I feel it will be completely different to the previous albums, as they are trying to explore different sounds and ideas. I may like it, I may not, but I know for sure, Daft Punk will not let us down; as a continuation or album of the likes of Discovery, or Homework, would not be fresh and interesting. I also hear that Nile Rodgers may also be in collaboration. Well, whats your opinoin anyway?

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    Re: 2012 Album


    there is already a thread about this

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    Re: 2012 Album

    exciting, isn't it? we've been so interested in all of this recent development in fact, that we've already established quite a number of threads to discuss this very concept. you can find most of those threads in the speculation section of the forum, or in the general daft punk section of the forum. there might even be some in the releases section. if you'd like to take a look around, i'm sure you'll find many of our opinions and maybe even some information that you might not have known about before. i'm going to lock this thread to avoid cluttering, so please redirect your attention to those aforementioned sections of the forum, and welcome to the site!
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